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Exterior Finishing
4.1 Wood or hardboard or panel-type siding is bowed or wavy
4.2 Wood or hardboard or panel-type siding joints not tight
4.3 Wood or hardboard or panel-type siding fasteners are excessively countersunk into finished surface
4.4 Lap siding (wood, hardboard, vinyl, etc) is not installed on a straight line
4.5 Tongue-and-groove wood siding has buckled
4.6 Wood siding fastener has stained siding
4.7 Cedar shakes or shingles have bled through paint or stain applied by builder
4.8 Plywood or veneer siding has delaminated
4.9 Aluminum/vinyl siding is bowed or wavy
4.10 Aluminum or vinyl siding colour is faded
4.11 Aluminum or vinyl siding, trim or accessory is loose
4.12 Aluminum or vinyl siding trim and fasteners don't match siding colour
4.13 Above-grade masonry wall or veneer cladding (including mortar) is cracked
4.14 Cut bricks are of different thickness in relation to one another
4.15 Horizontal masonry joint alignment is not uniform
4.16 Mortar splatters and stains on exterior masonry
4.17 Efflorescence is present on masonry or stucco surface
4.18 Deteriorating masonry
4.19 Clay bricks are chipped
4.20 Bricks are different colours
4.21 Cracks in exterior stucco wall surfaces
4.22 Exterior stucco is peeling or bubbling
4.23 Stucco colour variation
4.24 Exterior wood trim is split
4.25 Exterior wood trim is bowed, twisted or cupped
4.26 Paint on repaired areas doesn't match
4.27 Exterior paint, stain or clear finish blisters and peels
4.28 Exterior paint or stain has faded
4.29 Mould or mildew is visible on exterior painted surfaces
4.30 Unsealed gaps between dissimilar cladding materials and penetrations through cladding

New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014