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12.1 Transition between different types of flooring is not flush
12.2 Finished floor is uneven
12.3 Pattern of finished flooring is out of alignment with adjacent wall surfaces
12.4 Carpet seam is visible
12.5 Carpet is loose or stretching has occurred
12.6 Spots or fading on carpet or wood flooring
12.7 Carpet not uniform in colour
12.8 Carpet has dark stains around perimeter of rooms and at heating registers
12.9 Hollow areas in underpad below carpet surface
12.10 Protrusions appear on the surface of resilient flooring without breaking through
12.11 Resilient sheet flooring is loose
12.12 Resilient flooring joints not tight
12.13 Bubbles appear on vinyl flooring surface
12.14 Patterns on sheet vinyl flooring are not aligned across seams
12.15 Yellowing appears on surface of vinyl flooring
12.16 Dye lot variations in vinyl flooring
12.17 Variation in colour occurring during repair of vinyl flooring
12.18 Cracks developing between strips of hardwood or parquet flooring
12.19 Strip hardwood flooring is cupped (high edges)
12.20 The surface of one strip of hardwood is higher than another
12.21 Floor finish on wood flooring is not uniform
12.22 Finish on wood flooring has blistered, bubbled, or peeled resulting in detachment of finish
12.23 Crowning of strip hardwood flooring has occurred (centre of strip is higher than edges)
12.24 Wood flooring buckles and detaches from substrate
12.25 Knots and colour variation in strip wood flooring
12.25 Splinters occur in strip wood flooring
12.26 Minor imperfections in strip flooring
12.28 Ceramic/porcelain tile, marble or stone flooring is broken or loose (including marble transitions)
12.29 Cracks appearing in grouting of ceramic tile joints or at junctions with other materials such as bathtubs
12.30 Adjacent marble units or ceramic tile surfaces installed at different elevations
12.31 Grout is not a uniform colour
12.32 Variation in colour in natural stone tile installations (granite, marble, travertine, slate and limestone)
12.33 Gaps developing at ends or along strips of laminate flooring
12.34 Laminate flooring is cupped (high edges)
12.35 Laminate flooring buckles
12.36 Laminate flooring strips are dented, scratched and/or chipped
12.37 Uneven subfloor under laminate floor

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