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Floor squeaks

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Floors shall be free from squeaks caused by movement in the floor system connections under normal loading conditions.  Floor squeaks and loose subfloor are often temporary conditions common to new construction, and a squeak-proof floor cannot be guaranteed. 


One-Year Work and Materials
Squeaks resulting from normal shrinkage of materials caused by drying after construction are excluded from the warranty.


The contractor will refasten any loose subfloor or take other corrective action to eliminate squeaking to the extent possible within reasonable repair capability without removing floor and ceiling finishes.


Extended low-humidity indoor environments can cause excessive shrinkage in the wood resulting in loose floor connections. The homeowner must maintain indoor humidity levels to prevent excessive drying of materials. A squeak-free floor may not be attainable.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014