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Finished floor above grade is out of level

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Within a room, floors shall appear level when viewed from a normal viewing position. Where a floor framed with dimensional lumber appears sloped, a maximum tolerance ratio of 25mm in 3600mm applies, when measured between the opposite walls or defined limits of the room or area.


One-Year Work and Materials
Minor slope variance caused by normal shrinkage of materials due to drying after construction is excluded from the warranty.


Floors in rooms sloped greater than the acceptable performance shall be repaired.


This item refers to the entire floor surface in rooms. Where a floor is framed with an engineered floor system, minor slope variations caused by the required camber in the long-spanned joists supporting the floor are excluded from the warranty.
For uneven areas in floors see section 12.2 Floor is Uneven.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014