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Wood or hardboard or panel-type siding is bowed or wavy

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Siding shall be installed to accommodate thermal movement and anticipated shrinkage of the structure to which it is attached. Siding shall be free from bows and waviness when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Where local distortion is caused by bowed framing, the deviation of the bow measured from the specified plane shall not exceed ±20 mm.


One-Year Work and Materials
Defects in materials, work or design supplied by the homeowner or damage resulting from improper maintenance are excluded from the warranty.


Bowed or wavy siding exceeding the acceptable condition shall be repaired.


Siding that is intended to have paint and/or sealer requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure continuity of the protective layer. Elevated moisture levels can cause wood or hardboard siding to bow. Varying lighting conditions can exaggerate minor variations in siding profile and texture. Minor waviness due to normal fluctuations in humidity is acceptable.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014