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Cedar shakes or shingles have bled through through paint or stain applied by builder

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Where full-covering or opaque stains are used over cedar shakes or shingles, bleed-through of resins or extractives shall not be visible when viewed, without magnification, from a minimum perpendicular distance of 6 m under normal lighting conditions and from a normal viewing position.


One-Year  Work and Materials
Damage resulting from normal wear and tear is excluded from the warranty.


Cedar shakes and shingles that do not meet the acceptable condition shall be repaired.


Some bleed-through of knots or other naturally occurring features can be expected in cedar shakes over time. The reoccurrence of these features through full-covering or opaque stains may be dependent on the direction the roof faces and/or exposure to sunlight.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014