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Cracks in exterior stucco wall surfaces

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Stucco that relies on face-sealing to shed water shall have no cracks or gaps that will allow water penetration.
Cracks are not unusual in exterior stucco wall surfaces.   Stucco on a drained cladding system shall not have unintentional gaps or cracks visible from a distance of not less than 6 m under dry conditions.


One-Year Work and Materials
Damage resulting from improper maintenance is not covered by the warranty.


Stucco finish not meeting the acceptable condition shall be repaired.


Stucco includes traditional Portland cement-based stucco as well as synthetic stucco whether forming part of an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) or not. Caulking and sealants require regular maintenance to ensure effectiveness. The colour or texture of repaired areas should match the existing as closely as possible.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014