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Faucet or fixture is leaking

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Faucets or plumbing fixtures shall not leak, drip or run on when fully closed or shut off.


One-Year  Work and Materials
Damage resulting from improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, or additions, deletions or alterations made by the homeowner is excluded from the warranty.
Secondary damage caused by defects, such as damage to personal property or personal injury, is excluded from the warranty.


Faucets or fixtures not meeting the acceptable performance shall be repaired.


Confirm proper operation of faucets and fixtures during the walk-through and record any malfunction on the Certificate of Possession Form, to avoid any dispute about whether the damage was caused by the builder. Some manufacturers of plumbing products offer warranties on their products that extend beyond the one-year warranty. If a leak occurs after the one-year warranty, service may be available from the manufacturer.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014