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Noisy water pipes or water hammer

Acceptable Performance/Condition

Water supply pipes shall be installed to minimize the effects of water hammer and in accordance with the Building Code. Drainage pipes shall be installed in accordance with the Building Code.


One-Year  Work and Materials
Damage resulting from improper maintenance or additions, deletions or alterations made by the homeowner is excluded from the warranty.  Secondary damage caused by defects, such as damage to personal property or personal injury, is excluded from the warranty.


Plumbing pipes not meeting the acceptable performance shall be repaired.


Hammering of water supply pipes during normal operation may indicate a problem and should be investigated. A sudden thump or bang of water supply pipes when a faucet or fixture is closed abruptly is normal and not covered by the warranty. Slight ticking sounds coming from copper hot water supply pipes as they expand are normal and are not covered by the warranty. The sound of water flowing through drainage pipes is normal and not covered by the warranty.


New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan
Construction Performance Standards
Effective January 1, 2014