A new home is a large investment – the largest investment many people ever make. All investments require safekeeping and protection. For this reason, the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program developed this Maintenance Manual to help you protect your investment. We encourage you to take an active role in protecting your investment and safeguarding your warranty (in some cases) by following the advice in this Manual.

Maintenance is a part of home ownership. A home requires your attention to keep it in good working order. Just like vehicle maintenance homeowners have the option of doing some maintenance themselves and hiring professionals for more specialized maintenance.

New homes are typically equipped with the newest technologies, including modern mechanicals systems (i.e., HVACs) and appliances; therefore, some homeowners may assume that these new products require less maintenance. This is not true. In order to keep the systems and appliances in your home operating properly, regular maintenance and servicing is important.

Itʼs common practice to take care of minor maintenance problems as they arise, but it is also a good idea to do regular maintenance to help avoid problems. There are many easy things a homeowner can do to prevent a minor issue from becoming an expensive major repair. Suggested maintenance tasks are included in the appendix of this Manual to provide a helpful Monthly Maintenance Schedule for homeowners.

Your homeʼs warranty protection provided by the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program includes a detailed Warranty Certificate. You will find this Warranty Certificate with the new home documents provided by your builder.

The term ʻhomeʼ is used throughout this Manual to refer to single-family homes as well as townhouses, multiplexes and units in multi-family buildings.

Manual Limitations

This Manual deals with common maintenance requirements and highlights potential solutions. It does not include all situations or all potential solutions. You must assess your own capabilities to successfully complete the repair before attempting the maintenance or repairs suggested in the Manual.


The Care and Maintenance Manual for Your New Home was originally developed by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and industry partners. The Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program acknowledges and thanks the Alberta New Home Warranty Program for providing its permission to use their Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Your New Home as a template and for allowing the reproduction of portions of their guide for use in Saskatchewan. Some changes were made in the wording of the Saskatchewan version to adapt it to the Saskatchewan situation.

Workmanship & Material Reference Guide

A companion document to this Manual is the Construction Performance Standards, a publication of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program that can be found on our website at The Construction Performance Standards publication identifies common workmanship and material issues which builders and homeowners have raised over the years through the Programʼs conciliation process.

Warranty Reminder

Product warranties often stipulate that maintenance is required to ensure warranty protection. Products should be used for the role that was intended and serviced accordingly.