Did you Know?

Water that freezes inside hose connections can split the pipe extending into the house, causing a leak in the wall of your home each time the tap is turned on. Always disconnect the hose from the tap before the temperatures drop below freezing at night.

Outside Hose Connections

Todayʼs new homes typically have “frost-free” hose connections located on the exterior of the home. The valve is connected to the shut-off valve by a shaft that may be 12 inches or more in length, located on the inside of the home where it is warmer. When the handle of the tap is turned to the off position it closes the value in the wall and any water between the shut-off valve and the tap will drain out upon closing. If a hose is still attached to the outside tap, this water may not be able to drain out.

If your home has an older value connection, you will need to shut-off valve and use the drainage port located on the inside the home. This must be done to protect water from freezing inside the pipe connections.