There are three areas to consider when considering the addition of fence: Personal Safety, Location, and Design.

Safely Locate Utility Services on your Property

Utility services on your property can be located for you FREE of CHARGE by SaskPower. For an appointment phone the “Call Before You Dig” via the Sask 1st Call service line 1-866-828-4888 (toll free). You can also schedule an appointment online at www.sask1stcall.com


The survey line marks the edge of your property line – not a fence centerline. Make certain that every portion of your fence resides on your property, including the concrete that may be used to anchor the posts. Check with your municipality regarding where you can and cannot place a fence. Usually a homeowner is not allowed to build a fence that would encroach upon an easement or utility corridor. Fences are also subject to height and location restrictions.


In some areas, the municipality or developer has implemented Architectural Standards or Guidelines to create a theme for the neighbourhood. Your developer can tell you if these guidelines are in place for your community. The guidelines may define the range of fence styles and possibly even the colour of the fence that is acceptable in your community.

If you have a neighbour on the other side of the property line where you will be constructing a fence, it is a good idea for you to discuss the details of the fence with them. Often neighbours will agree to share the construction costs.