Floor Drains

Did you Know?

If you notice tiny crystals or white powder on your concrete floor, this is a sign that moisture is migrating through the concrete. If this is occurring, any coating you apply may not cure or dry properly. This type of moisture can also cause paint and coatings to lift from the concrete floor over time. Heat from warm tires can also cause paint to lift from concrete floors over time.

In most new homes the floor drains are located near the furnace. They provide a drainage path for water spilled on the basement floor and in some cases (i.e., where a high efficiency furnace is used) drain away water that condenses from the chimney.

Floor drains are also designed with a trap (or water seal) that prevents sewer gas from entering the basement. It is possible for the water in a basement floor drain trap to evaporate. This can result in sewer odours in your home. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that there is always water in your floor drain trap. To test for water in the trap, pour a little water from a glass into the drain and listen carefully. Depending on if there is water in the trap or not, you will hear the sound of your glass of water hitting the water or the bottom of a dry trap. Once every few months, or if you smell sewer gas, pour a bucket of water down the drain to re-establish the water seal.