Interior Passage Doors

Wood and wood composite doors are made of natural wood fiber veneers or wood composite panels over a frame and are not designed to be as durable as exterior doors. There is usually a generous gap below each interior door to facilitate air movement from room to room when the door is closed (interior doors do not have or require weatherstripping). If you decide to install a thicker floor finishing (i.e., carpet), remember to re-establish this gap by adjusting the door. You may wish to consider hiring a qualified carpenter for assistance.

Split Veneer Wood Door Panels

Interior doors can be affected by the humidity within a home. A house with a very low or very high humidity may cause the veneer on an interior door to shrink or expand. In extreme instances, the veneer may delaminate and separate from the supporting frame or shrink and split. Once this has happened the door is difficult to repair. It is essential to maintain good humidity levels in your home to prevent this from occurring.