Interior Bifold Doors

Bifold doors (often used for closets) are anchored by a pin that fits into a bracket attached to the closet frame on the floor. They also have a bracket at the top that moves along a track. As the sliding bracket wears, it can cause the door to stick and bind. Bumping the doors, or catching a coat sleeve between the doors as they close, can loosen the top bracket or move the anchor pin out of place in the bottom bracket. The top brackets contain a set-screw that can be loosened so that the bracket can be adjusted. If the bracketʼs slide or pin wears out, it can be replaced.

If the door height is not properly adjusted so that the door is raised firmly into the top track, the door may come off of the track. Using a pair of pliers, unscrew the pin in the bottom bracket to push the door up, firmly anchoring it back into the track. The bottom pin can also be adjusted back and forth or up anddown to re-align the doors.

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