Garage Doors

Most garage doors are made using a polyurethane foam core wrapped with a textured, painted, steel or aluminum skin. Garage door surfaces require only a light cleaning to maintain them.

General Maintenance

Most overhead garage doors come equipped with an automatic door opener. Door openers require periodic maintenance specific to the make and model. Once, every few years, the hinges of your garage door should be lubricated. Perimeter weatherstripping should also be examined each fall and replaced if necessary.


You should be familiar with the function and safety features of your garage opener. In the event of a power outage it is particularly important that you know how to disconnect the overhead door from the track. On most models, a red handle on a short rope allows you to dislodge a pin, allowing you to manually open and close the door. Your garage door opener manual will include instructions on how to re-establish the connection. It is a good idea to review this procedure before a power outage actually occurs.

Overhead garage doors often use weight compensation springs to offset the weight of the door. These springs store considerable force and can easily inflict critical injuries. do not adjust the weight compensation springs.

If you have an attached garage (i.e., personal access to your home from the garage), the door between your garage and your home will be a fire rated steel door that has an automatic closer. Do not replace this door with a conventional wood door and do not disable the automatic door closer. Either action would constitute a contravention of fire regulations.