Wood or Wood Composite Siding and Trim

Wood and wood composite siding and trim may require new primer and paint every couple years. Exterior walls that face south and west will experience the most weathering. Where wood siding pieces join or where they butt up against trim (such as at a window), exterior sealant should be checked for shrinkage and gaps that may allow wind and moisture into wall cavities.

To apply new sealant, first remove any defective caulking and replace it with a bead of a high quality sealant. Some silicone sealants are paintable – read sealant labels, directions and guidelines carefully to determine what type of sealant will work best for your needs.

Useful Tip

When watering lawns, direct the flow of water away from the exterior walls of your home. This will help extend the life of your painted wood siding and trim and lessen the need for new coatings of paint.

Moisture Migration

If you are going to repaint the wood siding or trim on your home, examine the old paint for any patterns or discolouration that could indicate an underlying problem that should be investigated prior to painting. Exterior bathroom walls are particularly susceptible to plaint blistering and may be a sign that moisture is traveling through the wall and condensing behind the siding.

Any underlying problems should be corrected before applying new paint. Brilliant and dark colours may fade more quickly than lighter colours. Follow the advice of a reputable paint store for preparing and refinishing siding and trim.