Wall Coverings

Useful Tip:

In some cases, wall coverings will peel at the corners. This may occur if the corner was insufficiently wetted when the glue and covering was applied. To fix this problem, try wetting the corner and applying pressure for a few minutes.

Wall coverings, also known as wallpaper, are popular for feature walls in new homes because they offer unique textures and modern designs. Wall coverings may soften in rooms or homes where high humidity is present (i.e., bathrooms and kitchens). The high level of moisture can soften the glue used to adhere the wall coverings (i.e., wall paper) to the wall, causing the covering to peel. Proper ventilation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms can help prevent peeling. In some cases, the paper may peel and curl back and the glue underneath may be dry. In this case a seam sealer can be applied. Seam sealers are available through professional paint and wallpaper retailers.