Cajun Fitness

Cajun Fitness is a chain of health clubs in Louisiana. Created to provide a local independent fitness centre in the community it operates, Cajun strives to offer the best in programming, services and products giving members the absolute best opportunity to achieve, maintain, and enjoy healthy living. Cajun's goal is to inspire healthy lifestyles and improve the well being of communities.



  • An online presence that will enable Cajun Fitness to become a leader in its industry.
  • Extending Cajun Fitness's offerings to personal training clients and members by adding accountability.
With a redesigned website that incorporates the Total Health Interactive (THI) platform, Cajun Fit
ness is able to improve its online presence while providing its members with more options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By offering online coaching, fitness challenges and other wellness programs, the THI platform enables Cajun Fitness to connect with its members in a way that its competition can't. The solution also adds accountability to the personal training program, enriching the overall experience for its members even after they leave the health club. 


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