Craven Sport Services

As a leader in the delivery of holistic health management, Craven Sport Services provides individuals and companies with personalized expert health care in the fields of sport physiotherapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation training, strength and conditioning and employee health and wellness programming.



  • An online program that would enhance clients' personal training experience and deliver online fitness solutions to clients who travel frequently for extended periods.
  • An effective corporate wellness solution to engage employees in personal training and weight loss.
Craven Sport Services began using Total Health Interactive (THI) to deliver added accountability to their personal training clients and deliver corporate wellness programs to companies.

Clients input their physical activity into the application, and trainers access the data to see what the client has been up to when they are away from the trainer. This has resulted in better results for their clients, greater client retention and added revenue for the facility.

Craven Sport Services also use THI to train clients who are frequently out-of-town and unable to access the physical gym location.  Clients are now able to train with Craven Sport Services at anytime, from anywhere.


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