Huskie Athletics

The University of Saskatchewan hosts students from all over the world. enrolling over 18,000 students each year and maintaining a staff of over 7,000. Huskie Athletics, the University's sports organization, is comprised of 15 teams with over 400 students athletes. 


  • A complete redesign of their web presence to successfully promote the Huskies brand, involve fans through an interactive platform, as well as provide valuable and dynamic information for fans, athletes and staff. 
  • An online ticketing system with a unique on-site scanning application to track the hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance throughout the various sport seasons. 
  • A world-class online presence and an easy to use content management system compatible with the University's Cascade Server environment.
  • The ability to send out mobile updates so fans could stay on top of scores for the sports that interest them, live stats and a database driven media gallery where visitors can search for images or videos by athlete name, year, sport or date.
  • Online ticket purchasing and scanning system with robust reporting tools.


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