College of Kinesiology

The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Kinesiology is composed of a group of related units that work together in the same building. The academic division, Recreation Services, and Huskie Athletics provide health and wellness education and outreach to the local community.


The College required a complete redesign of two of its websites - academic and Recreation Services. The Huskie Athletics website had been redesigned a year before, while the other two websites were visually outdated, confusing to visitors, and lacked a user friendly content management system.


  • The new standard University web design template was used for the academic website, but modified with background images to create a distinct visual identity.
  • The College desired to maintain visual ties between its sister websites, so the Huskie Athletics design template was used as a starting point for the Recreation Services design, and modified to showcase the department’s key content.
  • The site was built in the Cascade server environment, which gave the College a new level of control over their website that they had not previously enjoyed. Faculty and staff were given access to their own sections of the website through the Cascade CMS.


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