Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy (RIASA)

Based in Yorkshire, England, the Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA) allows students the best of both worlds: a top quality academic program while living and playing in a true soccer culture. In partnership with Richmond University, RIASA's mission is to provide a life-changing experience for student athletes as they pursue an accredited American Degree Program while reaching their optimal playing potential.


  • Create value for clubs interested in partnering with RIASA 
  • Easy communication with teams around the world
  • Online training for athletes
  • Ability for scouts to manage the recruiting process
An online suite of tools utilizing cutting-edge engagement, interaction and client management. With these tools, RIASA was given the ability to:
  • Provide a consistent curriculum along with training guidance
  • Monitor clubs around the world from one location
  • Evaluate athletes/teams/clubs around the world remotely
  • Analyze and track the scouting reports of players
  • Provide training and development tools for coaches
  • Scout athletes throughout the program
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