Export Data

EXPORT is the most effective way to show your company is committed to local inclusion and engage Indigenous communities when looking for employees or contractors.

EXPORT is a skills inventory and vendor registration database providing companies with searchable resumes of skilled and trained Indigenous people, targeted job posting opportunities and pre-qualified Indigenous owned vendors

Export Data Marketing

"Beagle took our marketing to the next level. Their experience has been invaluable in our campaigns, print and online promotions." Sheldon Wuttonee, First Nations Centre of Excellence CEO


EXPORT connects Individuals, Communities, Businesses, Educators and Government. Besides creating the robust software and database tools to for this project, the challenge has also been to develop the brand and create a marketing campaign directed to each individual target market, both locally and as the brand grows nationally.


We have designed a variety of online promotional material such as email campaigns and informational PDFs. We have also produced promotional cards, digital signs, tradeshow displays and banners. The Company Showcase Campaign was created in order to promote EXPORT Corporate Memberships, while showcasing companies who are building a representative workforce and engaging or hiring Indigenous individuals or contractors. This campaign includes a Global News series, along with monthly advertorials, a print, social media and email campaign, as well as a Spotlight on EXPORTDATA.ca.

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We specialize in the design and development of web applications