M•R Strategies

M•R Strategies is a local First Nations owned company specializing in Indigenous engagement strategy development and execution, workshop facilitation, and community development initiatives.

Project Management & Building Solutions

"Creating a tool that helps companies manage building projects as well as benefits First Nations Housing Directors is complicated. Beagle is making it happen." Derek Rope, MR Strategies CEO


First Nation Communities are in need of a user friendly, accessible and affordable software solution to assist their housing management and growth. Similarly, there is a commercial need for project management and building solutions software.

The challenge was to build a software solution that meets both the residential level needs of First Nation communities and the commercial needs of contractors, builders and industrial project managers.


We partnered with MR Strategies to create a housing initiative and commercial building software using QR Code technology, with a focus on four main areas:

  • Administration Module: Housing administrators access the software through a secure username and password with the ability to create a QR code that associates data/information to the code.
  • Contractor Module: Associated contractors or administrators are able to attach the created QR code inside the home. The code allows anyone working on the home the ability to scan and learn a wealth of information, including a maintenance report, for the home.
  • Occupant Module: The Occupant of the dwelling is assigned a username and password that also matches the QR code. The occupant scans the QR code or accesses an assigned website where they can learn information such as Fire Safety Procedures, Safety Checklists, Maintenance lists, Emergency contact information or to request a maintenance issue.
  • Safety Module: This module will be developed for Emergency Services and medical assistance such as STARS with access to information such as address and GPS coordinates.

Case Studies

We specialize in the design and development of web applications